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St. Petersburg Yacht Club

Posted by
Jerry (Tampa, United States) on 17 April 2007 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

This yacht club is right next to the St. Petersburg Pier from yesterday..

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Canon EOS 30D 1/400 second F/22.0 ISO 100 17 mm

Scene by Sharon Photography from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Such beautiful colours, Jerry. I like the reflections in the water and the masts of the sailboats... beautiful!

17 Apr 2007 11:15am

@Scene by Sharon Photography: Thanks Sharon - always value your input!

Jen from Jessup, United States

Gorgeous colors and composition Jerry! I always love to visit your site and see what amazing scenes you post!! : )
and I guess today would be the official CONGRATS for your 100th post? : D

17 Apr 2007 11:42am

@Jen: Thanks Jen!!! I always love to read your generous reviews - I appreciate each and every one - it keeps me going!!!! Thanks on the 100!!! Break out the candles!!!!!

Ken McCoy from Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL, United States

I like the overall exposure/tone and the way you've caught the sun's reflection between the two poles.

17 Apr 2007 12:22pm

@Ken McCoy: Thanks Ken - always great to hear fro the professor!

Francis from Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Jerry incredibly cool color and a great silhouetted composition

17 Apr 2007 1:01pm

@Francis: Thanks Francis! I appreciate the encouragement!! :-))

KM Faisal from Kerala,Kalpkanchery, India

wow fantastic one the reflection and the blue color giving a refreshing

17 Apr 2007 1:41pm

@KM Faisal: Thanks KMF! Appreciate the kind remarks!!!

Jacqui from Okemos, United States

I love the blues....beautiful shot Jerry! :)

17 Apr 2007 1:51pm

@Jacqui: Thank you Jacqui - always a pleasure to hear from you! :-))

objectif-plume from Belgium

quel beau nocturne!

17 Apr 2007 2:17pm

@objectif-plume: Merci beaucoup mon ami ! ! !

amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

Beautiful, Jerry, just beautiful! Now, did you get these great colours without doing any pp? The sun's reflection in the water between the two posts is just ... perfect. ;-)

17 Apr 2007 2:37pm

@amy: Thanks amy!!! I always shoot in RAW and make minor adjustments before opening CS2 and then usually just adjust levels and curves for tonal quality....I certainly appreciate the kind words of encouragement!

Putter from Belgium

Wonderful blues and a great composition. Love this shot!

17 Apr 2007 2:51pm

@Putter: Thanks Putter - always enjoy hearing from you!

Manon from Canada


17 Apr 2007 2:55pm

@Manon: Merci beaucoup mon ami ! ! !

Dan Meyers from Macomb, United States

Congratulations on your 100th photo post Jerry! Nice lighting and editing on this one as well.

17 Apr 2007 3:06pm

@Dan Meyers: Thanks Dan!!! I appreciate you and all the great folks at Aminus3!!!

Rahul from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Goregeous colors and lovely composition, my heart always beats faster as i click you site everyday. Probably in anticipation of another breath taking masterpeice, and you have never disappointed me brother. :-)

17 Apr 2007 3:19pm

@Rahul: Rahul - you are TOO kind! I certainly appreciate such a wonderful endorsement!!! Thank you my friend!

DTW from Orlando, United States

The blues look really great!!!

17 Apr 2007 4:10pm

@DTW: Thanks DTW - I was thinking of a new song - "I got the yacht club blues".....:-))

Suby and Sinem from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Ist thing that popped into my mind when this popped up


2nd thing



17 Apr 2007 4:11pm

@Suby and Sinem: Thanks Suby - always great to hear from the master....:-))

Jerry in Tampa

Sarah from Gainesville, United States

Another awesome shot, Jerry! Great colors!

17 Apr 2007 4:12pm

@Sarah: Thanks PIC GATOR!!!

Marsha from Redmond, United States

That would make an amazing poster! Fantastic colour!

17 Apr 2007 4:28pm

@Marsha: Thanks Marsha - I appreciate the generous remarks!

shiqi from Singapore, Singapore

This is really beautiful. you never fail to amaze. great photo. (:

17 Apr 2007 4:29pm

@shiqi: Thanks kindly for the encouragement shiqi!!!

Shuva from Hyderabad, India

Super scenic. The tone looks good.

17 Apr 2007 4:30pm

@Shuva: Thanks Shuva - I appreciate your kind words!

Vahid from Bø, Norway

Very nice color, Jerry! Dreamy!

17 Apr 2007 6:40pm

@Vahid: Thanks Vahid - always great to hear from you!

Reza from Montreal, Canada

Fantastic ! Great composition and beautiful color.
By the way, I realized today that you kindly reply my comments in French, I shoud say your French is more better than mine, LoL, Actually I live in Montreal, Quebec but I am not Francophone. I would appreciate it if you could reply in Turkish ;) , Just kidding, but anyway thank you so much for your warm replies.

17 Apr 2007 7:22pm

@Reza: Thanks Reza! I appreciate your kind remarks! I'll save the French from now on...:-))

juant3 from Bremen, Germany

Wonderful amazing color and, as always, such an amazing shot!

17 Apr 2007 8:50pm

@juant3: Thank you Juan! It is always great to hear from you!

Richard_Irwin from Belper, United Kingdom

Lovely colour, and nice image, would print big really well

17 Apr 2007 9:56pm

@Richard_Irwin: Richard - I thank you! I appreciate the kind remarks!

Ahraht from Loures, Portugal

great Jerry The color is simply fabulous. Outstanding image.

17 Apr 2007 10:28pm

@Ahraht: I appreciate the generous remarks Ahraht! :-))

Dum Kuali from Pattada, Italy

es que no puedo poner los avatar del messeger, me cae la baba!
esta de no mames esta foto, super buena :D

gracias por tus colores y por tus fotos

17 Apr 2007 10:48pm

@Dum Kuali: Sorry - I can not even get this translated... I do appreciate you visiting and taking time to comment!

Dipti from United States

Love the shades of blue Jerry...Beautiful pic!

18 Apr 2007 2:33am

@Dipti: Thanks Dipti!!!

M.E. from Encino, United States

your pictures are always so enchanting!

18 Apr 2007 2:48am

@M.E.: And your remarks are always encouraging - thanks ME!!! :-))

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

This is wonderful. Really well done.

18 Apr 2007 3:07am

@Laurie: Thanks Laurie!!!!! :-))

Lydia from Ottawa, Canada

Wow! Great photo! The colours are amazing and you have done a great job with the framing. Beautiful...

18 Apr 2007 4:50am

@Lydia: Thanks Lydia - I always appreciate such kind words!

Sujit from Hyderabad, India

Awesome colour. Great shot.

18 Apr 2007 4:51am

@Sujit: Always great to hear from you Sujit - thanks!! :-))

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Fantastic shot! Beautiful composition and tones.

18 Apr 2007 5:13am

@Zing: Thanks Zing - appreciate the encouragement!

Nick Passantino from Bronx, United States

Stunning colors, the blue is really amazing Jerry

18 Apr 2007 5:25am

@Nick Passantino: Thank you kindly Nick! :-))

Titto from chennai, India

Brilliant colors jerry
Awesome blue color...keep going..

18 Apr 2007 5:26am

@Titto: Thanks Titto - always appreciate hearing from you!!

Behrooz from Tehran, Iran

How did you manage this great blue!!!? I just love the shot, period.

18 Apr 2007 5:56am

@Behrooz: Thanks Behrooz - blue was there, just made tonal curve adjustments...

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

this is such a beautiful shot,jerry!blue is my fav!thanks for leaving comments at my blog..:)

18 Apr 2007 6:01am

@tyan: Thanks tyan - I appreciate the kind remarks!!

Art Monkey from Salt Spring Island, Canada

love the colours of this series

18 Apr 2007 6:04am

@Art Monkey: Thanks AM!!!

Sriram from Chennai, India

Jerry, I am at loss of words for this.

Simply one of the best in recent times.

Very good wishes to you.

:- )

18 Apr 2007 10:01am

@Sriram: Sriram - your kind words of encouragement are greatly appreciated! :-))

Yukie from Kyoto, Japan

lovely colours...simply fantastic, Jerry!!

18 Apr 2007 11:06am

@Yukie: Thank you kindly Yukie!! :-))

Amarjit from hoshiarpur, India

again mind blowing .. great colours /... dont have words to explain it .. just GREAT ...

18 Apr 2007 11:27am

@Amarjit: WOW - very generous Amarjit! Thank you! :-))

Anne from White Rock, Canada

Absolutely WOW! This is much better even than your last great shot - f22 has really improved the dof in this one and captured the sun better. I can see I shall have to work in RAW for some really great shots with Digital, it wasn't an option before with my film Nikon. What do you use to handle RAW. I have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which works with RAW so I should give it a go. Wonderful stuff Jerry. :) :) :)

18 Apr 2007 2:10pm

@Anne: Thanks Anne - I always enjoy your reviews!!! I use CS2 and work in 16 bit instead of 8....AMAZING difference...If you have ever looked at Kathleen Connally's Walk though Durham Township - she uses same technique - gives you mountains more adjustments....

alla from Toronto, Canada

Gorgeous blue! I love everything about shit picture. Great work!

18 Apr 2007 2:25pm

@alla: Thanks alla!

alla from Toronto, Canada

OMG, lol, can you change that word to "THIS" !!!!!!!!!!! Merci :)

18 Apr 2007 2:26pm

@alla: Gotcha alla :-)))

Kheoh Yee Wei from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is good enough for a tourism postcard print for sale ! Well done

18 Apr 2007 4:09pm

@Kheoh Yee Wei: Thanks Kheoh! Always nice to hear from you!

Jasdg from Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain

This is lovely !! Nice colors. Great!!

19 Apr 2007 12:48am

@Jasdg: I appreciate the kind remarks jasdg!

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

This is great Jerry, the color is wonderful, amazing work my friend!

19 Apr 2007 2:01am

@Alfredo J. Martiz J.: Thanks Alfredo - I appreciate your constant encouragement!

dYe from Cambridge, United States

Wow Jerry! I think this is definitely one of your best. Well done!

19 Apr 2007 5:50am

@dYe: I appreciate the generous remarks dYe!!! :-))

Streetlights from TN, United States

that's a very good exposure! perfectly done. excellent detail in the shadows.

19 Apr 2007 7:08am

@Streetlights: Hey Tony - I appreciate the kind remarks!

Evie from Fairfax, Virginia, United States

Awesome blue tones.

19 Apr 2007 12:49pm

@Evie: Hey Evie! Thanks :-))

pedro alexandre from loures, Portugal

wonderfull work on this one.

19 Apr 2007 9:11pm

@pedro alexandre: Thanks pedro - always great to hear from you!

filipe franco from Lagoa, Azores, Portugal

I love the treatment - great lighting !

19 Apr 2007 10:49pm

@filipe franco: Much thanks filipe :-))

Addey Kehinde from London, United Kingdom

Oh my, Jerry! What a shot!!

20 Apr 2007 12:18am

@Addey Kehinde: Glad you like it Addey!!! :-))

kaveh from TEHRAN, Iran

wonderful photograph!! I love silhouettes. Well done!

20 Apr 2007 5:12pm

@kaveh: Thanks kaveh - great to hear from you!!

issac from Switzerland

L'atmosphère bleutée se marie à merveille avec la photo, vraiment impressionnante!

21 Apr 2007 10:18pm

@issac: Issac - I certainly appreciate your generous remarks! Merci mon ami!

Alain from Paris, France

Very nice atmosphere! Bravo Jerry!

22 Apr 2007 10:01am

@Alain: Thanks you Alain - always great to hear from you mon ami!!!

Widhi from Rome, Italy

amazing light on blue.. I like it..

22 Apr 2007 10:39am

@Widhi: Thanks Widhi! I appreciate the visit! :-))

Shep from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fantastic color... cant say much more its beautiful....

22 Apr 2007 2:28pm

@Shep: Shep - I appreciate the encouragement!

Manuela Photography from Hainburg (near Frankfurt/Main), Germany

Fantastic color and mood! EXCELLENT.

22 Apr 2007 4:14pm

@Manuela Photography: Thanks Manuela - always appreciate the kind words!

M.E. from Encino, United States

YOU ROCK! your pictures never disappoint!

23 Apr 2007 12:56am

@M.E.: Thanks ME!!! Your encouragement ROCKS me!

jamsheed from calicut, India

wonderful!! like the colors.....great job!!!

24 Apr 2007 9:38am

@jamsheed: Thank you jamsheed - you kind remarks are greatly appreciated!!!

Henri Rabagny from Paris, France

Delicious! This graduate of blue is fantastic.
As you I like to answer to every comment on my pages, but with 58 (59 with mine) like here, I'm not sure to be able to do so!

24 Apr 2007 8:26pm

@Henri Rabagny: Merci Henri! I do appreciate each and every comment - this is what encourages me!

joaobelard from Lisboa, Portugal

more one great photo from you. Nice work :)

25 Apr 2007 12:55pm

@joaobelard: Thanks joaobelard! I always appreciate the encouragement!

Dimitrios from ATHENS, Greece

here I am 61st to say WOUAOU, the colour there is perfect, well done Jerry

27 Apr 2007 10:52am

@Dimitrios: Thanks Dimitrios - I certainly appreciate your encouragement!!

Celialee from Kyoto, Japan

Definitely a gorgeous shot!

27 Apr 2007 12:49pm

@Celialee: I certainly appreciate the kind review Celialee!!!

Lia from Atlanta, United States

Again another excellent shot... I love that you have captured the boats in the background and I especially love the dark blue of the water in this shot...

28 Apr 2007 4:47pm

@Lia: Thanks Lia! Your encouragement is truly appreciated!!!

Anup Payyakkil from Bangalore, India

This shot just blew me away.......

3 May 2007 9:40am

@Anup Payyakkil: Thank you Anup! I appreciate the encouragement!

Evi from Athens, Greece

This is Trully AWESOME! The framing are reflections are perfectly captured!

17 May 2007 8:25pm

Line Lamarre from Chambly, Québec, Canada

I have no words.

15 Oct 2007 11:26am

@Line Lamarre: Many thanks Line! Your kind words are greatly appreciated!

Ivy C. from HKG, Hong Kong

So beautifully taken and Jerry this picture roar... perfect picture!

21 Oct 2007 5:38pm

@Ivy C.: Many thanks Ivy! Much appreciated!

Canon EOS 30D
1/400 second
ISO 100
17 mm