Posted by Jerry (Tampa, United States) on 8 March 2007 in Miscellaneous.

I went to lunch at John's Pass Village and look what came crashing through the building!!!!!!

Aaron Schmidt from Auckland, New Zealand

Ha! Very nice. The bump in saturation helps give it a comical feel.

8 Mar 2007 5:10am

@Aaron Schmidt: Thanks Aaron!

M.E. from Encino, United States

yaaaay! sccaaaarrrry! LOL!

8 Mar 2007 5:46am

@M.E.: Thanks ME!!!!! Having fun!

Sidney from Manila, Philippines

Wow! Wild!

8 Mar 2007 6:01am

@Sidney: Thanks Sidney!

Srikaanth from Bengalooru, India

Hmmmmmmmm looks as if the daemon is out to gulp the sky!!

8 Mar 2007 6:10am

@Srikaanth: he ate 62 people right after the picture!!!! LOL :-)

CaCTuS from Tehran, Iran

wow! amazing!

8 Mar 2007 6:32am

@CaCTuS: Thanks CaCTuS!

Bronnie from Christchurch, New Zealand

Great POV!

8 Mar 2007 7:29am

@Bronnie: Many thanks Bronnie!!!!

kmf from India

wow very nice work

8 Mar 2007 7:33am

@kmf: Thanks kmf - I appreciate the encouragement!

Putter from Belgium

I don't believe this. :) Great shot.

8 Mar 2007 8:44am

@Putter: Thanks Putter!

Manuela Photography from Hainburg (near Frankfurt/Main), Germany

Woow! Did you finish your lunch or run away?
Nice work.

8 Mar 2007 8:47am

@Manuela Photography: I definitely ran and was one of very few to survive - I heard he ate 62 people!!!!:-)

Yvon from Meerkerk, Netherlands

The strong colours makes it even better! Scary!

8 Mar 2007 8:53am

@Yvon: Thank you Yvon! Much appreciated!

Stu from Kyoto, Japan

Haha! Great work my friend. :-)

8 Mar 2007 10:14am

@Stu: Thanks Stu - having fun!!!!!

Behrooz from Tehran, Iran

Great! I laughed a good deal, remembering some scenes from "My Super Ex-Girlfriend". Have you seen the movie?

8 Mar 2007 12:29pm

@Behrooz: Thanks Behrooz - I have not seen the movie you mentioned, I'll have to check it out!

Makoto from Sapporo, Japan

Super!! Did you catch it??? :-)

8 Mar 2007 12:33pm

@Makoto: NO - I ran away and was one of few to survive!!!!!!!!!

Suby from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

LOL, wonder what he was looking for? a nice concept.


8 Mar 2007 12:53pm

@Suby: People - Suby - he was looking for people - I ran and was one of the few to survive! I heard he ate 62 people!!!!! LOL :-) Thanks for visiting Suby - I always appreciate your input!

Jacqui from Okemos, United States

Great shot Jerry! I love the sky and the detail that orange-rimmed window adds to the picture! :)

8 Mar 2007 12:54pm

@Jacqui: Thank you for the kind words of encouragement Jacqui!

Jen from Jessup, United States

LOL that is too funny! Did he get your lunch too? : D
Beautiful blue sky!!

8 Mar 2007 1:30pm

@Jen: Thanks Jen - No, he didn't get my lunch, but he ate 62 people!!!! :-) LOL! having fun!

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Too funny! Great point of view! :0)

8 Mar 2007 1:33pm

Ken McCoy from Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL, United States

Nice shot! Living in Florida is kind of surreal somtimes, isn't t?

8 Mar 2007 2:17pm

@Ken McCoy: Thanks Ken - Florida is LaLaLand!

Shiva from Kajang, Malaysia

Holy cow! Jaws scared my pants of me when i was little... now this!

8 Mar 2007 2:22pm

@Shiva: Sorry Shiva - it's OK to go back in the water!!! :-)

William from Sacramento, United States

"Suck on this you SOB!"-quoted from Jaws.

8 Mar 2007 3:42pm

@William: Good one William - great memory....

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Another beautiful shot! amongst the many others....=) Nice one

8 Mar 2007 4:07pm

@Wayne: Thanks Wayne - always appreciate the encouragement!

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

Very amusing. It looks like the shark may have been trying to escape from the chef's fry-pan.

8 Mar 2007 7:50pm

@Laurie: Thanks Laurie!!!! He was looking for people to eat and I heard he got 62!!!! :-) LOL!

kaveh from TEHRAN, Iran

GREAT shot Jerry! AWESOME!!

8 Mar 2007 8:06pm

@kaveh: Many thanks kaveh!

Nick Passantino from Bronx, United States

A great image.. very interesting one Jerry.

8 Mar 2007 11:35pm

@Nick Passantino: Thanks Nick - just having fun with this one!

jennifer radio from Statesville, United States

Oh I love it. :D

9 Mar 2007 1:18am

@jennifer radio: Thank you jennifer!

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

Wow, Awesome, cool shot!

9 Mar 2007 1:38am

@Alfredo J. Martiz J.: Thanks Alfredo - have had a lot o fun with this one!

Michael Zhang from New York City, United States

Colors are excellent. First thing I thought of was how "national geographic" this is with that orange rectangle next to the shark.

9 Mar 2007 2:57am

@Michael Zhang: Thank Michael!

Marina VK from Novosibirsk, Russia - Waterloo, Canada

haha Jerry, is it a real one? i like a piece of blue sky and orange frame! it looks awesome all together!

9 Mar 2007 4:18am

@Marina VK: Many thanks Marina!

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

OK I can just feel this one jumping at me! Great shot!

9 Mar 2007 4:43am

@Stunner: Be careful my friend - I hear he has already eaten 62 people......:-) Thanks Stunner!

Dimitrios from ATHENS, Greece

very cool shot

13 Mar 2007 6:48pm

@Dimitrios: Thanks Dimitrios - it's safe to back in the water again!!!! :-)

Canon EOS 30D
1/320 second
ISO 125
40 mm

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