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Sun Blast

Posted by
Jerry (Tampa, United States) on 13 February 2007 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

Another early AM found me at Ballast Point Pier awaiting the new sun.... today it blasted over the rails!!!

Canon EOS 30D 1/200 second F/8.0 ISO 100 38 mm

azwan from Malaysia

woow...nice and great picture..
nice moments...
i really like the color and u have done the good job

13 Feb 2007 5:01am

@azwan: azwan - your kind words of encouragement are appreciated!

Dan Meyers from Macomb, United States

Amazing and radiant Jerry. Tremendous color. Beautiful!

13 Feb 2007 5:07am

@Dan Meyers: Thanks my friend!

purelysnow from Chengdu, China


13 Feb 2007 6:18am

@purelysnow: your comments are always appreciated!

Prashanth from Bengalooru, India

lovely colors!

13 Feb 2007 6:18am

@Prashanth: many thanks Prashanth!

Wayne from Melbourne, Australia

Now that is some sunrise. =D Smashing job Jerry!

13 Feb 2007 6:21am

@Wayne: as always Wayne, I appreciate your visits and kind comments - cheers!

Petros from Greece

Perfect, Blue!Orange! and very deep 3dimensional due to the banisters

13 Feb 2007 6:38am

@Petros: Thanks Petros! Blue and Orange - like the Florida Gators! (shameless plug for my old college!)

Lisa Reeve from Portland, United States

Amazing colors!

13 Feb 2007 6:55am

@Lisa Reeve: thanks Lisa!

Dimitrios from ATHENS, Greece

the colours are magical

13 Feb 2007 7:49am

@Dimitrios: your kind words are appreciated Dimitrios!

Kaushal from Groningen, Netherlands

Awesome, beautiful colours & excellent framing! Good job Jerry!

13 Feb 2007 8:27am

@Kaushal: Your kind encouragement is appreciated Kaushal!

Herve from Paris, France

Very impressive !

13 Feb 2007 8:54am

@Herve: Vous remercier mon ami !

Manuela Photography from Hainburg (near Frankfurt/Main), Germany

Stunning colours, good job!

13 Feb 2007 9:04am

@Manuela Photography: As always - I appreciate your kind words of encouragement!

riesenriel from Netherlands

Amazing sky with these tones. Well composed.

13 Feb 2007 9:25am

@riesenriel: Your kind words are greatly appreciated!

Bronnie from Christchurch, New Zealand

Breathtaking - early mornings are NOT my forte, would need a lot of coffee for me to budge, so hat off to you, it's clearly worth it!

13 Feb 2007 9:51am

@Bronnie: Hey Bronnie - I appreciate your encouragement! That's EXACTLY what I do - I make coffee and take it with me!!!!

Behrooz from Tehran, Iran

I love the perspective and the colors that are yellow near the sun and blue far from it.

13 Feb 2007 10:34am

@Behrooz: Thank you kindly Behrooz!

Anne from White Rock, Canada

This just a super shot Jerry! I'm like Bronnie - I'd never make it beyond my own grass outside the patio window. Must try to get to sleep at night instead of leaving all my posting till I should be in bed. Keep up the good work. That's a gorgeous sky. :-)

13 Feb 2007 10:53am

@Anne: As always Anne, your kind words keep me going! I thank you! Sunrise and sunset produce the best natural colors, so I force myself out at these times - I find it exciting because I never know what I will see! and YES! I get up and make coffee and take it with me.....

Makoto from Sapporo, Japan

Gorgeous... GREAT WORK Jerry!!

13 Feb 2007 11:16am

@Makoto: Makoto - your encouragement is always appreciated!

Myst from Bologna, Italy

Congrats! A great shot! Lovely light and hue!

13 Feb 2007 11:24am

@Myst: Thank you Myst - I always appreciate your visits to my site!

Jen from Jessup, United States

The colors are awesome! Beautiful photo Jerry!!

13 Feb 2007 11:57am

@Jen: thank you for the lovely comments Jen!

M.E. from Encino, United States

This picture is a BLAST! really, really awesome!

13 Feb 2007 12:42pm

@M.E.: M.E. - your encouragement is greatly appreciated - as always!

Shiva from Kajang, Malaysia

wake up wake up .. its mornin... woooooooooooo hoooooooooooo... Mornings are awesome.. too bad.. i am a bed slouch....

13 Feb 2007 1:27pm

@Shiva: thanks Shiva!!!!

Stu from Kyoto, Japan

O.M.G.! This is a stunner Jerry! You're certainly putting that EOS to good use. I guess the early bird catches the.....sunrise!(?) :-)
Well done matey!

13 Feb 2007 1:47pm

@Stu: Stu - you are too kind! I do appreciate your encouragement!

Still from Valence, France

Wow! Just superb!

13 Feb 2007 1:48pm

@Still: Vous remercier mon ami !

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

Amazing colors Jerry, I loved this scene, it reminds me of sunsets in my country...=) I assume you shot this when you were on your way to get more strawberries for the pie!

13 Feb 2007 3:59pm

@Alfredo J. Martiz J.: Thank you Alfredo - you better hurry or I will eat the new batch of strawberries!

objectif-plume from Belgium

c'est géant un ciel comme ça. magnifique

13 Feb 2007 4:26pm

@objectif-plume: I certainly appreciate your kind words!

Abdullah from Esfahan, Iran

wonderful color and tones!... it's really amazing!

13 Feb 2007 4:27pm

@Abdullah: Abdullah - your encouragement is greatly appreciated!

Duncan Galbraith from kyoto, Japan

Astounding stuff Jerry! sublime work.

13 Feb 2007 5:11pm

@Duncan Galbraith: many thanks Duncan!

Lucca from Cologne, Germany

this is beautiful, and I like the lamps.

13 Feb 2007 5:29pm

@Lucca: Thanks Lucca - much appreciated!

Francis from Hong Kong

Wow that's a beautiful sunset. I love the composition and the silhouette of the pier. Very impressive shot.

13 Feb 2007 5:37pm

@Francis: Francis - you are too kind and I appreciate your encouragement!

Pierre-Yves from Paris, France

wow great one. It's hot

13 Feb 2007 8:05pm

@Pierre-Yves: J'apprécie vos mots gentils mon ami !

Sarala from Chicago, United States

I agree with those commenters who cannot get up in time for sunrise. Beautiful shot. Thanks for visiting me too.
Where is this one taken?

13 Feb 2007 9:44pm

@Sarala: Thanks Sarala - this was captured at a pier about 2 miles from my house! I go there often.

jennifer radio from United States

The sunset is gorgeous! Absolutely breathtaking.

13 Feb 2007 9:57pm

@jennifer radio: I thank you Jennifer!!!

AM Pilon from Montréal, Canada

Beautiful Pic! I'm almost blinded by the sun!

13 Feb 2007 10:28pm

@AM Pilon: Je merci pour les mots gentils mon ami !

Pero from Kyoto, Japan

This is absolutely great, Jerry. Love the colours and atmosphere. Fantastic work. Wish I was here...

13 Feb 2007 11:29pm

@Pero: Thanks again my friend!

Karen from San Francisco, United States

Beautiful. =) Great colors.

13 Feb 2007 11:36pm

@Karen: Thank you Lady Karen!

William from Sacramento, United States


13 Feb 2007 11:45pm

@William: Thanks William!

Ee Yuing from Singapore

Wow! This early morning sunrise is magnificent! Love it! =)

14 Feb 2007 12:04am

@Ee Yuing: Many thanks for your kind words Ee!

Colour blind from Tokyo, Japan

The sunset is fantastic and the composition is excellent aswell...just a little critique if you dont mind. The little showing of the tree on the right is a little distracting. If you want you could just clone it out or easier is to crop it. If you did crop it I don't think it would take away the panarama of your picture at all so I reckon give it a whirl.

14 Feb 2007 12:19am

@Colour blind: Thanks Colour blind and I never mind a critique - I have tried your suggestion and will email to you...thanks again - always want to learn!

nicolas from Paris, France

Nice composition and great colors :)

14 Feb 2007 12:37am

@nicolas: Vous remercier mon ami !

juant3 from Bremen, Germany

This is really a beautiful Sunrise which you were able to amazingly portrait. I do wish also that I had the ability to get up so early to enjoy such a beauty... Thanks for sharing such a great moment!!!

14 Feb 2007 1:10am

@juant3: hey Juan - I thank you! Always glad to share!

Michael Zhang from New York City, United States

I agree with cloning out that bit of tree. Otherwise, this is a very nice, very dramatic photograph. Great work.

14 Feb 2007 1:46am

@Michael Zhang: Thanks Michael - I cropped the tree out and will re-post someday - thanks for the keen eye!

Dawn Sutherland from Phoenix, United States

Love the dramatic colors captured here! Very nice!

14 Feb 2007 2:21am

@Dawn Sutherland: Thank you Lady Dawn!

Sylvia from Milano, Italy

It's worth getting up early for THAT. Ooooh that blue...and yellow/gold...

14 Feb 2007 5:14am

@Sylvia: Thanks kindly Sylvia - it's my favorite time of day!

kaveh from TEHRAN, Iran

so beautiful jerry. i like your photos.

14 Feb 2007 9:31am

@kaveh: kaveh - thanks again my friend!

shiqi from Singapore, Singapore

looking at the comments, i don't think you even have to guess what i wanna say. GREAT PHOTO. BEAUTIFUL. wish i could've been there.

14 Feb 2007 1:22pm

@shiqi: Shiqi - thanks again! Come see us!

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

The Golden light is so stunning. Beautiful!

14 Feb 2007 2:07pm

@Laurie: laurie - I sure appreciate you and your kind words!

Addey Kehinde from London, United Kingdom

All I can say is "Wow!!!"

14 Feb 2007 2:31pm

@Addey Kehinde: Thanks Addey!

Nick Passantino from Bronx, United States

i think even the soundest of sleepers would love to get up early for something like that. great shot

15 Feb 2007 6:53am

@Nick Passantino: Thanks Nick!

thib from Angers, France

waow, great colors

16 Feb 2007 4:16pm

@thib: merci!

Alloy from toa payoh, Singapore

Woah...! amazing :)

17 Feb 2007 3:39am

@Alloy: Thanks Alloy - it was an amazing morning!

Darren from Japan

Mate. Well I have to give you your 50th comment. What a lovely sunrise. Well done mate. That must be a new record on AM3

17 Feb 2007 4:20pm

@Darren: Well, thanks for the kind remarks! I never know when I shoot and view my images what other people will see - will they see what I saw or totally different. Sunrises have been my favorite for a long time - I'm thankful that so many people share in the enjoyment of this image! To me - the sunrises represents NEW! new day with new opportunities! Thanks again and cheers!

thib from Angers, France

very great colors for a nice picture

18 Feb 2007 1:31am

@thib: merci!

shutterfirefly from Singapore

its amzing how skies look different in different parts of the world.
what an awesome sunrise...wondrously captured
full of life...just bursting!

18 Feb 2007 8:55am

@shutterfirefly: Thank you kindly shutterfirefly! That's the amazing thing, they look different everyday....

Sathiyan from Bangalore, India

Beautiful! & amassing clouds

19 Feb 2007 1:33pm

@Sathiyan: Thanks Sathiyan! Your kind words are appreciated!

Lightscape from Redondo Beach, United States

Man those colors are bright. You have to practically be wearing sunglasses to look at it. Good job.

20 Feb 2007 5:27am

@Lightscape: I certainly appreciate you encouragement!

Klessis from Singapore, Singapore

Look at how the colours blend from layer to layer.. simply awesome. Great job!

22 Feb 2007 10:27am

@Klessis: I certainly appreciate your encouragement Klessis!

Canon EOS 30D
1/200 second
ISO 100
38 mm